Our Vision


The arts and entertainment world has the biggest impact on our belief system which informs our decisions and affects the outcomes of our lives.  Art Within’s response is to invest in the source — the screenplay.


Our Passion

Art Within’s passion is story.


Everything we do centers around story, whether it’s Faith Blending to create tools for storytellers to better blend their faith with their art, or Script Development where we work with writers to create the story that only they can tell, or Art Within’s REEL click here where we look at the stories that move people to discover their unique connections with others and with God.

We believe that stories are one of the many languages that God uses to draw us closer to Him. We strive to find the stories yet untold as well as glean insight from the many diverse stories that are already out there. We are specifically interested in stories for film as this medium is so pervasive in our culture.

Robert McKee, noted creative writing instructor, says in his book, STORY; “The world now consumes film, novels, theater and television in such quantities and with such ravenous hunger that the story arts have become humanity’s prime source of inspiration, as it seeks to order chaos and gain insight into life.”